The Truth about the Christian Life (Page 2)

Seeking God — Why is it important?

What does it mean to seek God's face?

How can I come to really know God?

What does it mean to submit to God?

What does it mean to surrender to God?

How can I make Jesus my Lord?

Wait on the Lord — What does this mean?

How can we discern God's timing?

Waiting on God is hard. Why?

What is a wilderness experience?

How can I overcome a feeling of spiritual emptiness?

How can I overcome spiritual apathy?

What are some practical ways to depend on God?

How can I trust that God really is in control? Is God in control?

What does it mean that God fights our battles (Exodus 14:14; Deuteronomy 1:30)?

What is growing in faith? How can a Christian grow in faith?

I'm struggling with faith. What should I do?

What should I do to increase my faith?

Why is lack of faith such a common struggle?

Doubting God - how can I overcome doubt in my relationship with God?

What things can help if I don't feel love for God?

How can I stay focused on Christ?

What does it mean to follow Christ?

What can I do to become more like Christ?

How can I become more Christlike (Christ-like)?

What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?

How important is spiritual growth in Christian life?

How can I increase in spiritual maturity?

Progressive sanctification—What is it?

What is sanctifying grace?

What does it mean to pursue righteousness?

What are the different definitions of 'spiritual journey'?

Is there a difference between a Christian and a disciple?

Christian discipleship - What is it?

Making disciples – Why is it important?

Is mentoring biblical? What is a Christian view of mentorship?

Why is accountability important in the Christian life?

What makes for a good accountability partner?

When is it necessary to rebuke another believer?

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader?

Christian spirituality - What is it?

Are the spiritual disciplines in the Bible? What benefit are the spiritual disciplines?

Why should I spend time alone with God?

Christians talk about having a quiet time. What exactly is a quiet time?

Why are Christians encouraged to have daily devotions or quiet times?

What is a 'secret place' in the Bible?

Is there value in Christian journaling?

Christian meditation—What is it?

What are some tips to help me meditate on God's Word?

What is Christian spiritual formation?

Lectio Divina - What is it?

What does the Bible say about edification? Why is it so important for Christians?

What is Christian fellowship and why is fellowship so important?

What does koinonia mean?

Is there such a thing as a solo Christian?

What is 'causing others to stumble'?

How might one Christian be a stumbling block to another?

How can I keep from enabling someone else to sin?

Why is loving others often so hard to do?

What is a Christian rededication? Should I rededicate my life to Christ?

Do we need to be aware of the spiritual battle that is taking place around us?

How interested are Christians supposed to be in the spirit world?

Spiritual warfare - What does the Bible say?

How does a person resist the Devil? Why does resisting the Devil cause him to flee?

Can Christians rebuke the devil? Do Christians have authority to rebuke Satan?

What authority do Christians have over Satan?

How should I respond to spiritual attack?

What is the full armor of God?

What is the sword of the Spirit?

What does the Bible say about spiritual strongholds?

What is spiritual bondage?

Should believers expect visions to be a part of their Christian experience?

How do I control my thoughts?

How do I get control of sinful impulses?

What is Christian worship?

What does it mean to worship the Lord in spirit and truth?

How can I worship the Lord in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24)? What is true worship?

Christian ministry - What is it?

How can I know what my spiritual calling is?

Is serving God important? How can we serve Him?

I know I should serve God, but why should I want to?

Servanthood—What does the Bible say? What does the Bible say about being a servant?

What makes Christian leadership unique?

What does it mean to exercise good biblical stewardship?

Religiosity - What is it?

Legalism––What does the Bible say? How can a Christian avoid legalism?

What does it mean to be a Christian saint?

How can I be an effective witness for Christ? How can I effectively witness to a lost world?

How can a Christian be an ambassador for Christ?

How are our lives a testimony for Jesus?

What is a biblical approach for evangelism?

What is a Christian testimony?

What are some tips for how I can share my Christian testimony?

What is the key to evangelizing friends and family without offending them?

How can I share my faith in the workplace? Why should I talk about my faith at work?

What does the Bible say about how a Christian should treat his/her boss?

Should Christians engage in 'friendship evangelism'?

Is lifestyle evangelism a good method? What is lifestyle evangelism?

Is The Way of the Master approach to evangelism consistent with the Bible?

Are gospel tracts an effective tool for evangelism?

How can I increase my desire for soul winning?

I'm a Christian with a fear of witnessing. How can I overcome it?

Is it okay to be a secret Christian? Can I be a Christian secretly in order to preserve my life?

What is a man of God? How can I be one?

What does the Bible say about being a godly man?

What is a woman of God? How can I be one?

What does the Bible say about being a godly woman?

What does it mean that a Christian is becoming a new man / woman?

How can being a Christian be difficult?

Can Christian service be done outside of the church? What opportunities are there for Christian service?

Is being a Christian supposed to be boring? Should Christians have boring lives?

Christian communication—What are the keys?

Do conditions like autism, attachment disorder, ADHD, and the like affect the Christian life?

Who were the Jesus freaks? What was the Jesus Movement?

What does it mean to be an Evangelical Christian? How is it different from other labels of Christianity?

Apart from basic necessities, are Christians supposed to give away all they own?

What is a Christian perspective on retirement?

Is physical appearance something Christians should care about?

What does it mean to dress modestly?

Is it okay for a Christian man or woman to wear earrings?

Is religious jewelry something a Christian should wear?

Is it okay for Christian women to wear pants?

Should Christian women use make-up? What about jewelry?

Should Christians watch television (TV)?

What is a Christian view of comedy?

Should Christians celebrate holidays? Is it okay for a Christian to celebrate holidays?

Is it okay for a Christian to be an introvert?

How does a person obtain the protection of God?

How can I get divine guidance?

Spiritual awareness – What is it?

What spiritual boundaries do we need in our lives?

How does the Christian life compare to the Olympics?

What is a Christian view of sports / athletics?

Is it okay to wish for something?

How can I know if my anger is righteous indignation?

Is there such a thing as an ex-Christian?

What is the difference between a disciple and apostle?

What is inner healing, and is it biblical?

What does the Bible say about Christian behavior?

How can I keep the faith?

How can a Christian avoid becoming a doormat for other people?

What is Christian freedom?

How does someone love God?

What does it mean to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)?

What is a Christian response to the negativity rampant in society?

What is a spiritual breakthrough?

Is suffering for Christ always part of following Him?

What does it mean that we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing (Matthew 6:3–4)?

What is chastening? How does God chasten us?

Is living one's life doing only things that are honoring to God possible?

What is the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2)?

What does it mean that Christians are adopted by God?

How can I live a victorious Christian life?

What does Ephesians 4:26 mean when it says in your anger do not sin?

How can I overcome the pain of past abuse?

What does it mean to bear one another's burdens?

Is forgetting the past something the Bible instructs us to do?

What does it mean to praise the Lord?

I'm overwhelmed by the needs of the world; am I too sensitive?

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