Is there value in Christian journaling?

Writing out our prayers and recording God's answers, addressing God through a sort of Christian diary, jotting down spiritual truths and times when we see God at work, and keeping a written record of important sermon notes or teachings from a book, are all helpful forms of Christian journaling.

And all of these, and many in combination, are valuable. Many people learn best by writing down lessons and insights. Some Christians keep a joy or gratitude journal. Others write down one way they see God at work in or around them each day. To look back through any of these types of journals is to remember God's goodness to you and grow in your faith that He will be good to you again.

The Bible does not prescribe, or even mention, journaling. However, we are instructed to seek wisdom (Proverbs 4) and to focus and be steadfast (Proverbs 4:20–26).

It seems that the Psalms, many written by David, record his relationship and dealings with God—much like a journal, though more poetic than most. The Israelites were instructed at times to build stacks of stones or make alters in various places to remind them of what God did in that place and to learn to count on Him again.

God instituted various festivals and holy days for the same reason—for people to have places and times set aside to remember His goodness. Think also of communion—a time to remember together Jesus' incarnation and death on the cross on our behalf. God wants us to remember His goodness to us and journaling about these times in our lives do just that.

When we are in a valley spiritually, or a dry place as it is sometimes described, journaling can also help us there. Journaling during our experience may help us process it and will keep us looking to God. We can also look back on past journals and see how God has brought us through difficult seasons before. When the hard season passes, we can see God's patience with us and His faithfulness throughout every season of our lives.

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