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CompellingTruth.org is a network site of Got Questions Ministries.

The purpose statement of CompellingTruth.org is: "Presenting the truth of the Christian faith in a compelling, relevant, and practical way."

Our mission is to take the questions, issues, struggles, and disagreements that exist within the Christian faith and shine the truth of God's Word on them. We believe the truth of God's Word is compelling. If we would all truly and fully submit ourselves to the truth of God's Word, most of our questions, issues, struggles, and disagreements would disappear. God's Word does not directly address every situation we face in life, but it does contain truth that can apply to anything and everything we deal with.

Whether it is theology, apologetics, or the practical Christian life - we want to present the compelling truth of God's Word. Whether it is about God, Jesus, salvation, the Bible, sin, or eternity - we want to present the compelling truth of God's Word.

Our Statement of Faith is located here: Statement of Faith

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