What are some tips for how I can share my Christian testimony?

There are many ways you can share the story of how Christ has changed your life. The exact way you share your testimony will be as unique to you as your life story is. Even so, there are some elements that are important for anyone wanting to share their testimony to consider.

First, share what your life was like before you believed in Jesus. If you came to faith in Jesus as an adult, you will have more to share in this area than those who became a Christian as a child. However, the main emphasis is to show that before Jesus changed you, there was both sin and a guilt associated with sin. There was also no certainty of what would happen to you after this life. If you came to Christ as a child and do not remember any specific conviction of guilt or turn from sin, you might consider using the ways God has grown your faith, reassured you in any of your doubts, and been active in your life.

Second, share what happened when you came to believe in Jesus. For some people, this event is a very emotional or dramatic experience. For others, it is a decision made in a moment of calm reflection. The common element will be coming to a point of decision and what happened when you believed in Jesus.

Third, share what has happened since you have believed in Jesus. If your decision was recent, this aspect of your testimony may be shorter, but you can still show how God is actively working in your life. If you have been a Christian for some time, you can speak regarding how Jesus has changed the way you lived over the years, whether it is about your vocation, family, where you live, your church, your sense of purpose in life, or other factors. Speak also about what God is doing in your life now. Salvation is not just a ticket to heaven; it is an invitation to relationship with God. You can share about this relationship and its benefits (as well as costs).

Many have found it helpful to write out their testimony to help clarify or better organize their thoughts. Others have recorded themselves on video to see how their testimony looks and then seek ways to improve. The important thing is to know your story and be able to share it.

Two final aspects are important when you have the opportunity to share your faith in detail. First, select one or two Bible passages that have been of importance to you in coming to faith in Jesus. John 3:16 is the most popular verse, but others like Romans 10:9-10 or John 14:6 may also be appropriate in communicating how Scripture shows we are to believe in Jesus by faith.

Second, share how other people can make the same choice to follow Jesus. Your testimony is of great value, but isn't the best ending to your story another story of someone choosing to also follow Jesus? As you are able, take the bold step of asking another person to consider making the same choice to believe in Jesus, emphasizing His power to forgive sin, transform how we live today, and give us eternal life.

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