The Truth about the Church

What is the theological study of ecclesiology?

What is the definition of the church?

What was God's purpose in establishing the church?

When did the church begin? How did the church start?

What does the Bible say about the mission of the church?

What is the definition of ekklesia?

What does koinonia mean?

What is the meaning and origin of the word 'church'?

What is the universal church and how is it different from the local church?

How is the church the bride of Christ?

What does it mean that the church is the body of Christ?

Does the Bible teach the priesthood of all believers?

In the ancient creeds, what is meant by 'communion of the saints'?

What does being part of the family of God mean?

Is church attendance important?

Does a person have to attend church to be saved?

Is missing church okay? Are there acceptable reasons to miss church?

Are Christians supposed to go to every church service their church has?

If a Christian lives in a place where there is no church to attend, what should he or she do?

Why is having a church family so valuable?

What is the importance of church membership?

Is it okay to attend two (or more) different churches? Is it wrong to attend multiple churches?

What is the rock in Matthew 16:18 upon which Jesus will build His church?

Is there one true church? Which one is it?

What was the original church? Was the first church / original church the true church?

Is the Roman Catholic Church the mother church?

What is the reason for all the different Christian interpretations?

What is the reason for all the Christian denominations?

The Protestant Reformation – What was it?

Of the 30,000 Protestant denominations, which one is the true church of God?

Which churches are considered 'mainline denominations,' and why?

What is the meaning of interdenominational?

A Bible church – What is it?

Should a Christian be involved in the ecumenical movement?

What does non-denominational mean? What do non-denominational churches believe?

Are seeker-sensitive churches biblical?

What is a 'seeker-friendly church'? Are churches supposed to be seeker-friendly?

Should I attend a megachurch? What are the pros and cons of going to a megachurch (mega-church)?

Is it biblical to have a multi-site church?

The emerging / emergent church – What is it?

Is the simple church movement biblical? What is a simple church?

Is the organic church biblical? What is organic church?

Is a home / house church biblical?

Church planting – What is it?

The G12 vision/ movement – What is it?

Is the Tangible Kingdom Movement biblical?

What should we look for in a church?

What are some characteristics of a healthy church?

What does the Bible say about church-shopping/church-hopping?

What should I look for when trying to find a local church?

When is it okay to leave a church and look for a new one?

What should I do if I have been burned and hurt by the church? How can I overcome my aversion to the church?

How can church unity be achieved?

Why are small group ministries important in the church?

What is a church community group?

Does the Bible say anything about Sunday school?

Does the Bible say anything about youth ministry?

Does the Bible talk about church government?

What does the Bible say about the organizational structure of a church?

What are church bylaws (by-laws)? Why are church bylaws important?

How does the Moses model of church leadership work?

How should conflict within the church be handled?

Where does the five (5) fold ministry concept come from? What is the five-fold ministry?

How can I discern a call to ministry? How can I tell if I've been called to vocational ministry?

Is the office of pastor taught in the Bible?

Pastoral theology – What is it?

Should churches pay their pastor a salary?

What does a pastoral search committee do?

What is meant by the term pastoral care?

Should Christians obey their pastors?

What authority does a pastor have over a church?

Is it okay to call a church leader 'Reverend'?

What is pastor worship?

Women pastors - what does the Bible say?

What is complementarianism?

In the debate of complementarianism vs. egalitarianism, which view is most biblical?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of senior pastor?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of associate/assistant pastor?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of youth pastor/minister?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of evangelism/outreach pastor?

Is the role of Pastor Emeritus biblical?

Am I being called to preach?

What qualifications does the Bible give for elders and deacons?

What duties are church elders responsible for?

What duties are church deacons responsible for?

What is ordination? What does the Bible say about ordination?

Is a formal Bible education necessary for a pastor?

How can I become a pastor?

What is a bi-vocational pastor?

What is a bishop? What is a biblical definition of bishop?

What is the 'husband of one wife' qualification for pastors / elders / deacons (1 Timothy 3:2, 12; Titus 1:6)?

What is the role of the pastor's wife? Does a pastor's wife have a particular duty or role?

Biblically speaking, can a man who is divorced and remarried be a pastor?

If a man is married to a divorced woman, can he serve in church leadership?

Can a church elder or deacon be single / unmarried?

Is calling the wife of a pastor, elder, or bishop 'First Lady of the church' biblical?

What does the Bible say about what roles women can serve in ministry?

Can women be church elders?

Are women allowed to be deacons?

Are women supposed to be silent in church?

Do women have to wear head coverings in church? What does 1 Corinthians 11:3-16 mean?

Are the offices of apostle and prophet being restored in the church today?

Do we have prophets in the church today?

Should armor-bearer be a church position? What is an armor-bearer (armorbearer / armor bearer)?

What is the role of a church trustee?

Does the Bible make a distinction between clergy and laity?

Does the Bible distinguish between the secular and the sacred?

What is church discipline/excommunication?

How do ordinances and sacraments differ?

What is Christian baptism?

What does water baptism symbolize?

Are new believers supposed to be baptized immediately?

How did baptism originate? What is the origin of baptism?

Is baptism in the Old Testament?

Is there a correct mode of baptism?

If a person desires baptism but cannot be immersed in water due to illness, disability, advanced age, etc., what should be done?

Who is allowed to baptize another person? Is anyone permitted to baptize/ perform baptisms?

In whose name are we to be baptized—Jesus' name (Acts 2:38), or in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)?

Is believer's baptism / credobaptism taught in the Bible?

Is infant baptism biblical? Is there biblical precedence for infant baptism?

What is meant in Ephesians 4:5 that there is 'one baptism'?

Is baptism related to circumcision? Is baptism the New Covenant version of circumcision?

Does the Bible talk about christening?

What is a Godparent? Does the Bible say anything about being a Godparent (God-parent)?

Is baby dedication biblical? What is child / baby dedication?

I had an unbiblical baptism / was baptized unbiblically? Do I need to be rebaptized?

What is the significance of the Lord's Supper?

What is the biblical frequency of Communion?

Is Communion supposed to be open or closed?

Is it okay for Christians to celebrate Communion outside of church?

Who is permitted to oversee the Lord's Supper?

Which is best for communion, grape juice or wine?

What is the breaking of bread that the Bible talks about?

Does the Bible talk about Christian confirmation?

Is baptism required before a person can partake of Communion?

Is the celebration of a first Communion / Eucharist biblical?

When can children be baptized and/or participate in Communion? Is there an age requirement for baptism and/or the Lord's Supper?

Why is there so much disagreement about Holy Communion?

Why is the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Lord's Supper / Eucharist so controversial?

Consubstantiation – What is it?

What is the Sabbath? Is the Sabbath day for rest or for worship?

Is Sabbath-keeping something Christians should do?

Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday?

Did Constantine change the Sabbath? Did Constantine make the Sabbath Sunday instead of Saturday?

The Lord's Day – What is it?

Is there a reason most Christians worship on Sunday?

Why do some Christians dress up for church?

Expository preaching – What is it?

Expositional preaching – What is it?

Topical preaching – What is it?

Homiletics – What is it?

Should Christians judge the teachings of their leaders?

Religiosity - What is it?

Christian ministry - What is it?

Vocational ministry – What is it?

What does it mean to be a Christian minister?

What does the Bible say about serving in the church? What are some ways I can serve?

Can Christian service be done outside of the church? What opportunities are there for Christian service?

What outreach ministries should a church have?

What is Christian fellowship and why is fellowship so important?

What is Christian worship?

Is there a biblical theology of worship?

What is the difference between praise and worship?

Which is correct, the regulative principle or the normative principle of worship?

What makes for a truly biblical worship service?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of a church worship leader?

Can women serve as worship leaders? What does the Bible about female worship leaders / music ministers?

How important is worship in the church? What priority should worship be given in the church?

What is the importance of corporate worship?

What is liturgy? Does the Bible say anything about liturgy or liturgical worship?

Exclusive psalmody – What is it?

Is contemporary Christian music honoring to God?

Can we use musical instruments in church?

Is it okay to raise or clap our hands during worship? Must we raise our hands in worship?

What does the Bible say about dance in worship?

Should media be used in a worship service?

Should an unbeliever be allowed to participate in a church worship team?

Does the Bible say anything about chanting? Should a Christian chant?

What is the purpose of church bells? Where did the tradition of church bells originate?

Missiology – What is it?

What are the concept and the goals of Christian missions?

World missions – What does the Bible say?

How do I know if I'm called to be a missionary?

Who are Christian missionaries and what do they do?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of short-term missions?

What are mission boards? Are mission boards biblical?

Are Christians supposed to be missional? What does it mean to be missional?

Can women be missionaries? What does the Bible say about women missionaries?

Is incarnational ministry biblical? What is incarnational ministry / incarnational theology?

Christian revival – What is it?

Are altar calls biblical? Does the Bible talk about altar calls?

Is fund-raising appropriate for a church?

Selling in church – What does the Bible say?

Should a church tithe? Are churches supposed to tithe 10% of the offerings they receive?

What is a benevolence fund?

Is it okay for a church to go into debt?

How transparent should a church be about its finances?

How should a church use the offerings it receives?

Does the Bible give insight into church growth?

Why do some churches die yet others seem to thrive?

What causes church splits? How can healing occur after a church split?

How can a local church survive / recover when its pastor leaves?

How can a church know the right time to build a new building?

What are some signs of spiritual abuse, and how should I respond?

Are social issues and causes something the church should be involved in?

Chreasters – Who are they?

What is the concept of biblical separation?

What is 'Baptist Bride' theology? What is Landmarkism?

Hellfire preaching – What is it? Is hellfire preaching biblical?

Why are there so many evangelical Christian scandals? Why are so many evangelical leaders caught in scandal?

Is pastoral restoration possible after a pastor has been involved in a scandal?

Why does it seem like preachers' kids often walk away from the faith?

Why are there pastors who do not believe?

How can I avoid ministry burnout?

What is the danger of gossiping about your pastor and his family?

What are some good ways to demonstrate appreciation to my pastor?

Is there value in pastoral counseling?

The Christian community – What is it?

Is it biblically acceptable for a church to seek 501(c)(3) incorporation?

Does the Bible give support for the existence of parachurch ministries?

What is a spiritual covering? Does a person or ministry need one?

Are interfaith ministries appropriate?

Why are there so few men in the church?

What does it mean to preach the Word (2 Timothy 4:2)?

What is the right hand of fellowship (Galatians 2:9)?

What does the phrase 'where two or three are gathered' mean in Matthew 18:20?

What does it mean that teachers will be judged more strictly (James 3:1)?

Is corporate confession of sin biblical?

What is the meaning of IHS?

What is a pulpit?

What is family-integrated church and is it biblical?

What are 'High Church' and 'Low Church'?

What is a homily?

What is a seminary?

What are hymns? What is the value of hymns in worship?

What is a rite?

What is the household of faith?

What is Vacation Bible School?

Why is the church called the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15)?

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