What are church bylaws (by-laws)? Why are church bylaws important?

Church bylaws (also by-laws) are a set of standards that define the internal government of a local church body. They explain what a church believes and how it operates.

One of the primary reasons for bylaws is to manage church members. Bylaws can spell out church membership requirements, staff hiring practices, and steps volunteers must take before they work with children. Job descriptions and requirements for such positions as pastors, elders, deacons, and trustees are also laid out in the bylaws.

Bylaws are also useful for maintaining continuity and order for church operations. Who creates and approves the budget? How often is Communion served? How much should be spent on missions? What issues should be taken to a congregational vote, and which can be decided by the elders? Without written steps to determine such things, discussions can get heated—possibly even to the point of a church split.

Perhaps the most important reason for a church to have bylaws is to clearly spell out the church's stance when secular issues conflict with church theology. Despite the authority of federal law, churches are given a certain amount of autonomy when it comes to who can lead and participate in ceremonies, who can hold which staff and volunteer positions, and what actions or beliefs can lead to termination. Without bylaws, a church may not be able to fire a pastor who engages in sexual sin or refuse to host a wedding that is against their convictions. If a church's bylaws are either not followed or not comprehensive enough, courts can hold the church accountable to state law, not the standards agreed upon by Scripture. In addition, the bylaws must be readily available to all members and immediately available to the senior pastor.

In a perfect world, church bylaws wouldn't be necessary. We would all work together in unity and peace with no selfish ambition or vanity. But in unity, there must be order (1 Corinthians 14:40). Bylaws give us structure to handle the specifics so we can minister in the freedom of Christ.

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