Relationships and Family

Personal Interactions


Does the Bible say anything about lawsuits / suing?

What is the line between helping someone and someone taking advantage of you?

What should Christians do when they have disputes (Matthew 18:15–17)?

What does the Bible say about dealing with difficult people?

How can I know if my anger is righteous indignation?

Conflict Prevention

What is the biblical method of conflict resolution?

What does the Bible say about the power of words?

Do not judge — Is that biblical? What does the Bible mean when it says we are not to judge others?

When is it appropriate for a Christian to try to correct another Christian?

When is it necessary to rebuke another believer?

How can a Christian avoid becoming a doormat for other people?

What is a Christian response to the negativity rampant in society?


Is forgetting the past something the Bible instructs us to do?

Is "forgive and forget" a biblical concept?

How can I extend forgiveness to those who sin against me?

How can I not take offense at little things? How can I stop being so easily offended?

Unforgiveness — What does the Bible say?

Why should we forgive?

Why should I forgive?

Why is withholding forgiveness wrong? Since God does not forgive a person until they confess / repent, can we withhold forgiveness until a person confesses / repents?

If we sin against someone, do we need to confess to them?

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