The Truth about Prayer

Why pray? What is the purpose of prayer?

What types of prayer are mentioned in the Bible?

What is the importance of daily prayer in the life of a Christian?

How are we supposed to pray?

What is the power of prayer?

Are we supposed to pray to the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit?

How does a person pray in Jesus' name?

Does God answer prayers?

Does prayer change God's mind?

How do I know if I'm praying in line with the will of God?

What is the Lord's Prayer? How is the Lord's Prayer a model for our prayers?

What does 'hallowed be thy name' in the Lord's Prayer mean?

What does it mean to pray 'thy will be done'?

What is the meaning of praying for our daily bread?

If God does not tempt us, why did Jesus instruct us to pray 'Lead us not into temptation'?

Why doesn't the Lord's Prayer include thanksgiving?

What can be learned from the prayers Jesus prayed?

What is the ACTS method of prayer?

The prayer of Jabez - What is it?

Is there a specific prayer of salvation?

Does God hear my prayers?

Is there evidence for answered prayer? Does God answer prayer?

How can I have my prayers answered by God?

How should Christians deal with unanswered prayer?

If God already has a plan for me, why should I pray? If He already knows what I want, why should I tell Him?

What makes for effective prayer?

Are there conditions to prayer?

What things can be hindrances to prayer?

Intercessory prayer – What is it?

What is a prayer warrior? How can I become one?

Is silent prayer biblical?

Is praying out loud okay?

What does the Bible say about public prayer? Is it okay to pray in public?

Is the concept of a prayer journal biblical?

Persistent prayer - Is it biblical? Is it acceptable to repeatedly pray for the same thing, or should we ask only once?

What does the Bible say about repetitive prayer?

What is the importance of praying for others?

Is group prayer important?

What does the Bible say about corporate prayer?

What value is there in prayer meetings?

What can I do to not be nervous about praying publicly?

Are prayer and fasting connected?

Is praying Scripture effective?

Is it wrong to pray written prayers?

Does the Bible say anything about prayer walking?

Does God hear the prayer of an unbeliever?

Should we pray for the unsaved? Is there biblical basis for praying for the unsaved?

What are good prayers to pray for unbelievers?

What does it mean to watch and pray?

What does 'amen' mean? Why do we end prayers with 'amen'?

Why do people pray before meals?

What is the importance of saying grace before we eat?

Why is it important to pray for our leaders? How should we pray for leaders?

What is a morning prayer? What is an evening prayer?

What is a prayer closet?

Praying in tongues – What is it? Is praying in tongues a prayer language between a believer and God?

Is centering prayer biblical?

Is Sozo prayer biblical?

Should Christians use a prayer shawl?

Is it insane to claim a person can talk to God?

What should I pray for?

What is the significance of Hannah's prayer (1 Samuel 2)?

Is the 'Now I lay me down to sleep prayer …' in the Bible?

What is contemplative prayer?

What is soaking prayer and is it biblical?

Is praying the rosary biblical?

What is a prayer chain?

What does it mean to come boldly to the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16)?

How can I know what to pray for?

What is the purpose of prayer?

How does prayer work?

What is the five-finger prayer?

Why does God call His house a house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7)?

What does it mean to pray without ceasing?

What does it mean to pray for your enemies?

What is the serenity prayer?

Does the Bible talk about bowing or kneeling in prayer?

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