The Christian Life

God in our Hearts


Should Christians confess their sins, even though they are already forgiven?

Does the Bible talk about forgiving yourself?

Does the Bible talk about shame and regret?

What does the Bible say about false guilt? How can I avoid false guilt?


Why is accountability important in the Christian life?

What makes for a good accountability partner?

Christian discipleship — What is it?

Is mentoring biblical? What is a Christian view of mentorship?

Why are good role models important?

Is there such a thing as a solo Christian?

What does the Bible say about edification? Why is it so important for Christians?

What is the new commandment?


Is being holy even possible since only God is holy?

What is holiness according to the Bible? How can I be holy?

How can I live a holy life?

What does the Bible mean when it calls something sanctified?

What is sanctifying grace?

Does the Bible distinguish between the secular and the sacred?

Progressive sanctification — What is it?


What can I do to build a closer relationship with God?

How can I have intimacy with God?

Why should I spend time alone with God?

Is there value in Christian journaling?

Why are Christians encouraged to have daily devotions or quiet times?

What are some tips to help me meditate on God's Word?

Christians talk about having a quiet time — What exactly is a quiet time?

What is a "secret place" in the Bible?

What is Christian spiritual formation?

Lectio Divina — What is it?

Set Apart

What is meant by "dying to self"? How are Christians supposed to die to self?

Why is guarding your heart important?

What is a "living sacrifice"?

What does it mean to pursue righteousness?

What is a Christian rededication? Should I rededicate my life to Christ?

Are the spiritual disciplines in the Bible? What benefit are the spiritual disciplines?

What is secondary separation?


How important is spiritual growth in Christian life?

When the Bible talks about receiving a new heart, what does that mean?

What does it mean that God "restores my soul"? How can God restore my soul?

What is a biblical definition of success? What does the Bible say about success?

What is chastening? How does God chasten us?

What is a spiritual breakthrough?

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