The Christian Life

God in our Lives

God’s Presence

What is the key to experiencing God?

Why is finding God difficult sometimes?

Why is it that God sometimes seems silent or absent in the life of a believer?

How can I know whether God is telling me to do something?

How do we see the hand of God move in our lives?

Waiting on God is hard — Why?

God’s Direction

How can I tell if the desires of my heart are from God?

Follow your heart — Is this sound, biblical advice?

What must I do to please God?

How can I get divine guidance?

When I see a promise of God in the Bible, how can I know if it applies to me?

How can I tell what God's plan is?

How can we discern God's timing?

What is the key to knowing the will of God?

How can I know what my spiritual calling is?

How can I know what pleases God?

How is God sovereign and humans have free will? How do free will and God's sovereignty work together?

God's Voice

How can we hear from God?

How can I tell if I'm really hearing God or if it's just my own thoughts, or even Satan?

What is the key to hearing God's voice?

How can I recognize the voice of God?

What does the Bible say about meditation?

Dreams and Visions

Does God use visions to talk to people today? Are visions a common part of a Christian's experience?

Should believers expect visions to be a part of their Christian experience?

How are dreams and visions used in the Bible?

What are prophetic dreams? Does God give prophetic dreams to people today?

Is there such a thing as Christian dream interpretation? Are dreams from God?

What is an omen?

Is there any spiritual significance to a déjà vu experience?

What exactly is an epiphany?

What is lucid dreaming? Is having a lucid dream a sin?


When should we expect signs and wonders from God?

Is there really a difference between miracles and magic?

Is there such a thing as a glory cloud? Are so-called glory clouds biblical?

The Shekinah glory — What is it?

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God in our Lives

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