The Truth about Christianity

How is Christianity unique?

Why is Christianity so bloody?

What is Christian tolerance? Should Christians be tolerant of other religious beliefs?

What is the reason for all the different Christian interpretations?

Are Christians expected to obey the Old Testament law?

Christian discipleship - What is it?

Christian spirituality - What is it?

Christian ministry - What is it?

The Apostles' Creed – What is it?

The Athanasian Creed – What is it?

The Nicene Creed – What is it?

What was the Council of Nicea?

What are the Odes of Solomon?

Does the Didache give biblical instruction? What is the Didache?

What is the Letter to Diognetus?

The Protestant Reformation – What was it?

What is evangelicalism?

Celtic Christianity – What is it?

Baptist General Conventions – What are they?

The Regular Baptist Church – What is it? What do Regular Baptists believe?

The Particular Baptist Church – What is it? What do Particular Baptists believe?

IFCA International – What is it?

Neo-evangelicalism – What is it?

Is the Catholic Church part of Christianity or is it a separate religion?

Are Catholics saved?

What is a religious order?

The Cistercian Order – What is it?

The Focolare Movement – What is it?

In Catholicism, what are meritorious works?

What is chrismation, and is it biblical?

What is Scholasticism? How did it impact church history?

What is Romanticism? How has Romanticism affected Christianity?

What is the 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' sermon?

What can we learn from The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan?

Who was Jonathan Edwards?

Who was John Wesley?

Who was Charles Wesley?

Who was George Whitefield?

Who was William Carey?

Who was George Mueller?

Who was Charles Haddon Spurgeon?

Who was D. L. Moody?

Who was Oswald Chambers?

Who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

Who was C. S. Lewis?

Who was A. W. Tozer?

Who was R. C. Sproul?

Who was Norman Geisler?

Who was Ravi Zacharias?

What is the Ryrie Study Bible?

What is Blue Letter Bible?

What is The Bible Project?

What is Precept Ministries International?

What is The Gospel Coalition?

What should be our response when a Christian leader falls away or renounces the faith?

Questions about Easter

Is Passover something Christians should celebrate?

What is the triumphal entry? How is the triumphal entry significant?

Palm Sunday - What is it?

Passion Week - What is it?

Maundy Thursday - What is it?

Good Friday - What is it?

Holy Saturday - What is it?

Easter Sunday - What is it?

Easter Monday - What is it?

How do we determine the date to celebrate Easter?

Easter origins - What are they? Should we even be celebrating Easter?

Where did the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs come from?

Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras - What is it?

Shrove Tuesday - What is it?

Ash Wednesday - What is it?

What is Lent?

Questions about Christmas

What is Advent?

The true meaning of Christmas – What is it?

Are Christians supposed to celebrate Christmas? Is it okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

What is the meaning and purpose of a Christmas nativity?

What is the significance of Jesus being born in a manger?

Was Jesus actually born on December 25?

The star of Bethlehem – What was it?

What is the story of the three wise men (magi)?

Why did the magi give Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

Are the origins of some Christmas traditions pagan?

Is it okay to have a Christmas tree? Are Christmas trees pagan?

Does giving gifts take away from the true meaning of Christmas?

How should parents handle the issue of Santa Claus with their children?

Is 'Xmas' an acceptable abbreviation for 'Christmas'?

What is the 'War on Christmas' and how should Christians respond?

Is Hanukkah (Christmaskah) something Christians should celebrate?

Should Christians celebrate Epiphany/Three Kings' Day? What is it?

Is Luke's claim that Jesus was born in Bethlehem at the time of the census during Quirinius' governorship historically accurate?

Questions about Miscellaneous Holidays

Ascension Day – What is it?

Pentecost Sunday - What is it?

What is St. Patrick's Day? Who was Saint Patrick?

Trinity Sunday - What is it?

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