What is The Gospel Coalition?

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a network of evangelical churches and pastors in the Reformed tradition who focus on preparing the next generation for gospel-centered ministry. Founded in 2005 by D. A. Carson and Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition now runs a website, hosts conferences, publishes Christian resources, and works on other projects and initiatives.

The founders were concerned about abandonment of biblical truth and transformed living so their goal with The Gospel Coalition is to help people know God's Word with their mind, love God fully with their heart, and engage the world with grace and truth.

In 2008, The Gospel Coalition took over the operation of Themelios, which had been a peer reviewed theological journal for students and pastors founded in 1975 by RTSF/UCCF in the U.K. Now, Themelios is a digital journal published three times a year with contributions from essayists, editors, and reviewers from around the world.

In 2012, International Outreach joined The Gospel Coalition. International Outreach partners with translators, publishers, and missions networks around the globe to share the hope and joy of the promises received by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Also in 2012, The Gospel Coalition, in partnership with Redeemer Presbyterian Church, released the New City Catechism. The New City Catechism includes fifty-two questions and answers that were adapted by Tim Keller and Sam Shammas from Reformation catechisms to help children and adults understand important tenets of the faith.

The Gospel Coalition currently has twenty-two regional chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada and includes leading pastors, authors, and theologians such as Albert Mohler, Alistair Begg, Ray Ortlund, Russell Moore, David Platt, and John Piper. The Gospel Coalition has an active presence on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others where they post articles dealing with current issues, inspirational quotes, and videos.

The Gospel Coalition's resources are from a Reformed perspective. Some have criticized The Gospel Coalition on certain issues such as its seemingly equal openness to continuationism and cessationism as well as its approach to some social issues. The fact that it is a coalition means there is a relatively broad range of writers and speakers associated with it; and certainly there is disagreement on some issues among these people. Opinions aside, The Gospel Coalition's drive to "champion the gospel with clarity, compassion, courage, and joy" and their desire for "mission-hearted faith rooted in enduring truth working itself out in unashamed discipleship" is estimable.

As with any resource, readers should compare The Gospel Coalition's materials and publications with Scripture itself in the same way the Bereans tested Paul's message against Scripture in Acts 17:11.

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