The Church

Church Leadership

Pastoral Qualifications

Is the office of pastor taught in the Bible?

What is ordination? What does the Bible say about ordination?

Is a formal Bible education necessary for a pastor?

How can I become a pastor?

Biblically speaking, can a man who is divorced and remarried be a pastor?

Women pastors — What does the Bible say?

Why are there pastors who do not believe?

What authority does a pastor have over a church?

What is a bi-vocational pastor?

Elders and Deacons

What qualifications does the Bible give for elders and deacons?

What duties are church elders responsible for?

What duties are church deacons responsible for?

What is the "husband of one wife" qualification for pastors / elders / deacons (1 Timothy 3:2, 12; Titus 1:6)?

If a man is married to a divorced woman, can he serve in church leadership?

Can a church elder or deacon be single / unmarried?

Are women allowed to be deacons?

Can women be church elders?

Is it okay to call a church leader 'Reverend'?

What is pastor worship?


How should conflict within the church be handled?

What is church discipline / excommunication?

How can a church know the right time to build a new building?

Clergy and Laity

Does the Bible make a distinction between clergy and laity?

Should Christians judge the teachings of their leaders?

Should Christians obey their pastors?

What does a pastoral search committee do?

What are some good ways to demonstrate appreciation to my pastor?

What is the danger of gossiping about your pastor and his family?

How can a local church survive / recover when its pastor leaves?

Does the Bible teach the priesthood of all believers?

What is a spiritual covering? Does a person or ministry need one?

Other Roles

Does the Bible say anything about the role of senior pastor?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of associate/assistant pastor?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of youth pastor/minister?

What is the role of a church trustee?

Are the offices of apostle and prophet being restored in the church today?

Do we have prophets in the church today?

What is a bishop? What is a biblical definition of bishop?

Does the Bible say anything about the role of evangelism/outreach pastor?

Should armor-bearer be a church position? What is an armor-bearer (armorbearer / armor bearer)?

Is calling the wife of a pastor, elder, or bishop "First Lady of the church" biblical?

What is the role of the pastor's wife? Does a pastor's wife have a particular duty or role?

Is the role of Pastor Emeritus biblical?

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