Does God use visions to talk to people today? Are visions a common part of a Christian's experience?

God can grant visions to people today and possibly does so around the world. When we examine the Bible, we see that visions from God were a rarity. We should probably then expect God to grant visions on rare occasions today.

In the Bible we can read of accounts where people such as Joseph (the one with the special coat from his father Jacob), Joseph (the fiancée of Mary), Solomon, Isaiah, Daniel, Peter, and others received visions. These few accounts cover thousands of years of history and even within the lifetime of those who received visions, accounted for a very small percentage of their time on earth and their relationship with God.

Now, Joel, the prophet, said there would be more and more visions later in history. This was confirmed by Peter in Acts 2. As a point of clarity, a vision is when someone is awake, as opposed to a dream given by God when they are asleep.

We hear increasing reports of God using visions and dreams around the world, especially in places were the gospel is unknown and where telling people about Jesus is restricted. This is consistent with the biblical accounts of God's activities in this way: He speaks most often, it seems, when His people cannot. God can use any method of communication He finds effective. He has no limits.

Of course, we desire to issue a warning to those who claim visions from God. We know the Word of God is finished and includes all that we need to know about God and having a relationship with Him at this time. When someone claims a vision or dream from God, it is vital that the content of that dream or vision is completely consistent with what the Bible tells us about God. The Word of God is the final and most important authority on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

If you have a vision or dream, or are told that someone else has, carefully examine it against the Bible. Pray about it. Ask God to show you the truth through the Scriptures. There is no reason for God to grant a vision without wanting its meaning to be known. See the example of Daniel—he was given the ability to understand the vision from God (Daniel 8:15–17).

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