What is lucid dreaming? Is having a lucid dream a sin?

Lucid dreaming is a neurological state in which a sleeper knows he is dreaming and may even be able to control the dream to some extent. It can occur in the middle of a dream, as the sleeper realizes his or her experiences are not real, or upon the beginning of sleep, as the sleeper transitions from waking thoughtfulness to a dream. Lucid dreaming is related to false awakening. A sleeper may realize he is dreaming, and then wake himself up—only to find it was a false awakening and he is still asleep and dreaming.

There is nothing inherently wrong with lucid dreaming. It is not a sin to be able to tell you're dreaming, or to control that dream. Lucid dreaming can even alert you to sins you indulge in when you're awake. Often the choices we make while dreaming are less inhibited than those we make while fully awake. If we find ourselves directing the dream into sinful actions, it may be a sign that we are thinking too much about that sin while awake.

Lucid dreaming can be a sin if used in conjunction with the study of New Age or the occult. People who meditate may more easily experience lucid dreams. And people may endeavor to have lucid dreams in hopes the dreams will turn into out of body experiences. Lucid dreams are not naturally occultish, but they can be used by those in the occult.

For the most part, lucid dreams are a natural part of some people's sleep patterns. Learning to control your dreams can even help dispel nightmares. Lucid dreams are not inherently sinful, although they can reveal sinful tendencies in the dreamer. Of course, all nuances of the occult or New Ageism should be avoided (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-12), but there's nothing wrong with realizing you're dreaming.

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