What is the meaning of storge love?

The Greek language has terms for four different types of love. These four types of love are eros, phileo, agape, and storge. Although only two of these types of love are used in the New Testament (phileo and agape), it is important to understand how all of them work as compared to each other.

Phileo love is brotherly love, while eros love is sexual love, which we see displayed in Song of Solomon. Agape love is self-sacrificial, the greatest example being when Christ died for us. Storge love is natural, unforced, familial love; a great example of storge love is the love that a parent has for a child.

The opposite of storge, astorgos, is used twice in the New Testament. The definition of astorgos is "devoid of natural or instinctive affection, without affection to kindred." In 2 Timothy 3:3 it is translated as "heartless" or "without love." In context, Paul is describing "times of difficulty" in the last days. One characteristic is that people will lack storge love for their families. Astorgos is also found in Romans 1:31, which says that sinful humanity is "heartless" or has "no love" or in its Greek translation, astorgos.

Another version of the term storge is found in Romans 12:10. This version of storge is the compound philostorgos, which means to "be devoted." Literally, this compound is broken down to mean "to love one's kindred." Romans 12:10 calls Christians to "Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." Although philostorgos is only used once in the New Testament, God repeats His command that we must love one another because, as believers, we are all part of His family.

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