Am I one of the elect? How can I know?

When people ask if they can know if they are one of the elect, they are asking if they can know if they are one of the people who will believe in Christ. While only God knows who will come to faith in the future, the way to know if you are elect now is by believing in Jesus as Lord today if you have not already.

The thought of a person wanting to receive salvation in Christ and yet waiting because he or she is uncertain whether they are one of the elect does not exist in Scripture. Instead, the emphasis is to believe. To be saved is the evidence that you are one of the elect.

In the New Testament, the term "elect" is mentioned 14 times (ESV). The seven times the word "elect" is used in the Gospels refers to those who are already believers at that time (Matthew 24:22, 24, 31; Mark 13:20, 22, 27; Luke 18:7).

In Romans, Paul uses the term two times. Romans 8:33 asks, "Who shall bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies." God justifies those He elects. In other words, everyone who is saved now is part of the elect. Roman 11:7 states, "What then? Israel failed to obtain what it was seeking. The elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened." Looking in the past, Paul referred to the elect who received salvation.

Elsewhere, Paul speaks of elect angels (1 Timothy 5:21) and that he endured everything for the sake of the elect (2 Timothy 2:10). In Titus 1:1 he referred to the Christians he reached as the elect. With the exception of angels, Paul speaks of the elect as those who are already saved.

First Peter 1:1 shows Peter writing to elect exiles or Jewish Christians. Second John 1:1 includes the apostle John writing to the elect or chosen lady. It is uncertain whether this reference is to the church or to a specific woman. In 2 John 1:13, John concludes with the statement, "The children of your elect sister greet you." This likely referred to another church, also indicating verse 1 may be a reference to a local church as well. If so, both of these examples use the "elect" to refer to a group of existing believers.

The emphasis in the New Testament is on those who have already believed as the elect. Again, to know if you are one of the elect, from a biblical perspective, is to ask, "Am I saved?" If you are uncertain regarding your salvation, please see this article for further information. If you are already a believer, then rejoice that you are among the elect, those whom God has selected from eternity past to believe in Christ and spend eternity with Him.

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