Salvation Clarified


Is baptism required for salvation?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to Mark 16:16?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to John 3:5?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to Acts 2:38?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to Acts 22:16?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to Galatians 3:27?

Is baptism necessary for salvation according to 1 Peter 3:21?


Am I still saved if I doubt my salvation?

What should I do if I'm questioning my salvation?

How can a believer have assurance of salvation?

What are some signs of authentic, saving faith?

Am I one of the elect? How can I know?

Is there a feeling connected to salvation? What if I don't feel saved?

How can I know if I have been reborn?

Eternal Security

Is it possible for a Christian to lose salvation?

Does the Bible teach eternal security?

Conditional security — What is it?

Is "once saved always saved" a biblical concept?

Can a person's name be erased from the Book of Life?

Security and Sin

Do the Bible's warnings against apostasy imply that salvation is not eternally secure?

Is it possible to "give back" salvation?

What does the Bible say about backsliding Christians? Are they still saved?

Is a Christian who commits suicide still saved?

Is eternal security a license to sin?

Disputed Beliefs

The sinner's prayer — What is it?

What does it mean to "ask Jesus into your heart"?

How is public confession related to salvation (Romans 10:9-10)?

Do the four Gospels present a different message of salvation than the rest of the New Testament?

Why is the phrase "accepting Christ" used in evangelism if it is not in the Bible?

Can general revelation be enough for a person to be saved?

Easy believism — What is it?

Challenging Passages

Why did Jesus ask the rich young ruler about obeying the commandments? Can salvation come through obedience to commands?

Does Romans 2:7 teach works salvation?

What does Ephesians 2:8–9 mean?

How can you believe in salvation by faith alone when James 2:24 seems to say that salvation is not by faith alone?

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