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Is physical appearance something Christians should care about?

What does the Bible say about beauty?

Does the Bible say anything about hair length? Are men supposed to have short hair and women have long hair?

Is it okay for a Christian man or woman to wear earrings?

Is religious jewelry something a Christian should wear?

What does it mean to dress modestly?

Is it okay for Christian women to wear pants?

Should Christian women use make-up? What about jewelry?

Life Stages

Circumcision — What does the Bible say? How should Christians view circumcision?

Does the Bible say anything about education?

Does the Bible say anything about pedagogy?

What is a Christian perspective on retirement?

What should I do with my life once I graduate?

Does the Bible talk about a Christian staying single?

Does the Bible talk about asexuality?

Does the Bible say anything about a gift of celibacy?


What does the Bible teach about work?

What is a Christian work ethic?

Servant leadership — What is it?

Is being a bartender a wise occupation for a Christian?

What does the Bible say about how a Christian should treat his/her boss?

What should be the distinguishing features of a Christian business?

Is there such a thing as a Christian career? What careers can Christians consider?

Should a Christian work at a place that sells alcohol or tobacco?

How can a Christian maintain trust in God when facing unemployment, foreclosure, or bankruptcy?

What can I do to stay encouraged when finding a good job seems impossible?

Does the Bible say anything about workaholism?

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