God: Enmity


Did God create evil?

Did God create sin?

Why does God allow evil?

With so much evil in the world, how can I believe in the goodness of God?

Is God cruel?

Some claim that God is evil; is He? Is the Bible evil?

Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

Why does God let good things happen to bad people?


Why does God create people doomed to hell?

Why does God command so much killing in the Old Testament? Does God condone violence?

Why did God command the Canaanites' extermination?

Is God a murderer? Does God's killing people make Him a murderer?

Does God tempt us to sin? What about Abraham in Genesis chapter 22?

God seems like a cosmic killjoy; is He?

Does God punish sin? Does God punish Christians who sin?

What is the wrath of God? What is the biblical meaning of the wrath of God?


Is it okay to question God?

What does the Bible say about testing God? What does it mean to test God?

Can Christians feel disappointment with God? Is it wrong to experience disappointment with God?

Am I allowed to be frustrated with God?

Am I allowed to be angry with God?

How do I get the image of God as being angry out of my mind?

What does it mean to be an enemy of God?


Why does God allow evil rulers like Hitler and Saddam to have power?

How could God allow something like the Holocaust? Why did God allow the Holocaust?

Why does God allow natural disasters?

Where was God on September 11, 2001?

Why does God allow house fires? Why did God let my house burn down?

Why would God allow deception?


Why does God let innocent people suffer?

Why doesn't God heal everyone?

Why does God allow sickness?

Is sickness ever part of God's will for believers?

What does the Bible say about birth defects? Why does God allow birth defects?

Why does God allow people to be disabled or handicapped?

Why won't God heal amputees?

Why are there millions of starving children in the world? Does God care?

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