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Understanding the Bible


Why does understanding the Bible matter?

Why is the Bible hard to understand?

Applying the Bible — How can I do it in my life?

Which parts of the Bible apply to us today? How can we know?

Why is there confusion about the Bible and what it teaches?

Is the Bible still relevant today?

What is biblical illumination?

The rhema word — What is it?


Biblical hermeneutics — What is it?

How do exegesis and eisegesis differ?

What principles are used in biblical exegesis?

Why is context so important in studying the Bible? What is wrong with looking at verses out of context?

Is it ever okay to use a single verse of Scripture out of its context?

In what way is the Bible self-authenticating? How is self-authentication different from circular reasoning?

Does the translation process affect the inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility of the Bible?


Should the Bible be interpreted literally?

What is biblical literalism?

Textualism — What is it?

Are Bible miracles literal events?

Does the Bible need to be demythologized? What is meant by demythologization?


Why is knowing the different Bible genres helpful in interpreting the Bible?

What are the various forms of biblical literature?

What is wisdom literature?

What is a proverb? What makes a saying in the Bible a proverb?

What are the psalms of lament?

What are the penitential psalms?

What are the psalms of praise?

What are imprecatory psalms?

What is a maskil in the Book of Psalms?

What is a lament in the Bible?

What is a parable?

What is an epistle? What are the Epistles in the Bible?

What is chiastic structure? What is a chiasm?


What is the literary device of antithetical parallelism used in Hebrew poetry?

What is the literary device of emblematic parallelism used in Hebrew poetry?

What is the literary device of synonymous parallelism used in Hebrew poetry?

What is the literary device of synthetic parallelism used in Hebrew poetry?

Which poems in the Bible are acrostic poems?


Is there allegory in the Bible?

How does the Bible use symbolism?

Biblical typology — What is it?

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