I fear the end of days. How can I overcome it?

Fear is a very common problem, and it is one of Satan's most efficient weapons against the minds of believers. Along with doubt and confusion, Satan uses fear to paralyze us and make us ineffective in the spiritual battle we are all fighting. Fear is an emotion, and its effects are incredibly powerful, but a believer can combat fear with truth. If we know the truth about God, about the world, and about ourselves, we can overcome fear.

Fear of the end of days is completely understandable, because the description of the end of days in the Book of Revelation stimulates many common fears: fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of pain and illness, fear of loss. However, a believer who has a saving relationship with Jesus Christ (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10) can take real comfort, despite these scary future things, for several reasons.

First, we can rely on the presence of God's Spirit to diminish our experience of fear. When He is with us, strengthening us and holding us, we don't have any reason to fear (Isaiah 41:10). God Himself promises to be near to us. He does not promise that bad things will not happen to us, but with God by our side, we will have the strength to handle anything that comes our way, be it end times disaster or anything else we might fear.

Second, we can be comforted by the fact that the end of days is not really the end. The Bible makes it clear that a believer's final destiny is with Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) and that God will keep us safe as we patiently endure the trials of this world (Revelation 3:10). Furthermore, after the trials associated with the end of days, God's kingdom will come to earth, and there will be a new earth and new heavens, and everything will be made beautiful and right (Revelation 21). Whether or not we are there to experience those end times trials, the believer's end is a happy one—we will be with Him eternally, in a place where there is no fear, no crying, no death, and the fullness of joy and delight that He has promised (Revelation 21:3-4; Psalm 16:11).

Third, because we are in Christ, we do not have to fear Judgment Day. We are told to be confident about judgment, not because of our own merit, but because we are covered by Christ's merit. He loves us, and His love drives away fear (1 John 4:17-18). If, however, you do not know the Lord, you do have reason to fear. Nothing is more fearful than to face a perfect God who knows you perfectly and knows you have fallen short of perfection (Romans 3:20, 23). Jesus came to save us. However, those who reject His offer of salvation will face judgment at the end of days without Christ, and that is truly something to fear (John 3:17-18).

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