Worldview and Apologetics



Why don't all Christians have a consistently biblical worldview?

Christian worldview — What is it?

What is cultural translation?

How can a Christian stand up for faith when the world seems so anti-Christian?

Does everything happen for a reason?


Classical apologetics — What is it?

Evidential apologetics — What is it?

Presuppositional apologetics — What is it?

What is Christian apologetics and why is it important?

Fideism — What is it?


Are there errors in the Bible?

Why was slavery allowed in the New Testament?

Why was slavery allowed in the Old Testament?

Why was incest allowed in the Bible?

Christian Witness

Is Christian conduct important to how the unbelieving world views Christ?

Are Christians supposed to defend the faith?

How can we counteract the trend of young people falling away from faith?

Why are Christians always arguing?

Jesus Camp — What is it?


How is belief in God different than belief in a Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Is Intelligent Design any different from belief in a Flying Spaghetti Monster?


Is faith in God a crutch?

Is God merely a delusion?

Is the "God gene" a good argument against God? Does the "God gene" disprove God?

Is belief in God a virus?

What is the aim of the Skeptics' Annotated Bible website? What is the Skeptics' Annotated Bible?

Is the Zeitgeist movie true?

Is religion opium for the masses?

Does religion cause most wars?

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