What is a biblical view on artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is the process by which a man's sperm is implanted into a woman's uterus at a specific place and time in order to increase the chance of an egg becoming fertilized. There are two types of artificial insemination: the first is AIH in which the woman's husband's sperm is used and the second is AID in which a donor's sperm is used. This process differs from in vitro fertilization in which the sperm and eggs are fertilized outside of the womb and then multiple fertilized embryos are implanted into the uterus.

Christian couples may be considering artificial insemination because of a wide range of fertility issues. As with all decisions, it is important for a couple to bring both the fertility issues and the option of artificial insemination before God in prayer. While the concept and technology for artificial insemination did not exist when the Bible was written, the Bible does provide clear guidelines regarding the creation of new life.

The Bible celebrates and even encourages procreation within the boundaries of marriage. This is because God wants couples to save sex for marriage because it makes them one flesh and because the family unit is the ideal situation for raising a child.

The Bible also says that God is sovereign over the creation of life. No matter what steps a couple might take to get pregnant, ultimately it is up to God whether or not it will happen. There are multiple examples of God both closing and opening women's wombs in the Bible. He worked a miracle in Mary who was a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus and blessed both Abraham and Sarah and Zechariah and Elizabeth with children when they were past child-bearing age.

AIH artificial insemination does not have any moral conflict with the Bible. However, AID is controversial because the introduction of a donor's sperm who is not the husband could be considered a form of adultery. The Christian community is divided on this issue. If a couple wants to use a donor they should seek advice from Christian mentors and pray for a clear answer. In vitro fertilization often comes in conflict with the Bible because the unused embryos are discarded, which can be seen as a form of abortion. Christian couples struggling to conceive should seek God's wisdom as they prayerfully consider the appropriate options for their family.

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