The Truth about False Beliefs

What does the Bible say about false prophets?

Polytheism – What is it?

Henotheism – What is it?

Pantheism – What is it?

Panentheism – What is it?

Monism – What is it?

Dualism – What is it?

The documentary hypothesis – What is it?

JEDP Theory - What is it?

Redaction criticism and higher criticism – What are they?

Liberation Theology – What is it?

Process Theology – What is it?

What does retribution theology teach? Is it biblical?

Montanism – What is it?

Neo-orthodoxy – What is it?

Restorationism – What is it?

What is the goal of the Restoration Movement?

Socinianism – What is it?

What is Preterism? What is the Preterist interpretation of Revelation?

Arianism – What is it?

Monophysitism – What is it?

Monothelitism – What is it?

What does Adoptionism teach? Is it biblical?

What does Binitarianism teach? Is it biblical?

Pauline Christianity – What is it?

Is quietism a biblical practice? What is quietism?

Are there esoteric keys to the Bible?

Does the law of attraction work? What is 'The Secret'?

Does positive thinking have any power?

Can we speak things into existence?

Noetic science – What is it?

The New Thought Movement – What is it?

What is the Word of Faith movement? Is it biblical?

Is spiritual mapping biblical? What is spiritual mapping?

What is baptism for the dead in 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Is Jesus actually Michael the archangel?

The Demiurge – What is it?

The Pistis Sophia – What is it?

What is a biblical view of eclecticism?

What does Ietsism teach? What is a biblical view of Ietsism?

Antitheism – What is it?

Spiritual metaphysics – What is it?

Is the concept of transmigration of souls biblical?

Metempsychosis – What is it?

Mythicism – What is it?

What are Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism?

Is universalism, the concept of universal salvation, biblical?

What is grave soaking/ grave sucking /mantle grabbing?

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