The Truth about False Beliefs

Polytheism – What is it?

Henotheism – What is it?

Pantheism – What is it?

Panentheism – What is it?

Monism – What is it?

Dualism – What is it?

The documentary hypothesis – What is it?

JEDP Theory - What is it?

Redaction criticism and higher criticism – What are they?

Liberation Theology – What is it?

Process Theology – What is it?

What does retribution theology teach? Is it biblical?

Montanism – What is it?

Neo-orthodoxy – What is it?

Restorationism – What is it?

What is the goal of the Restoration Movement?

Socinianism – What is it?

What is Preterism? What is the Preterist interpretation of Revelation?

Arianism – What is it?

Monophysitism – What is it?

Monothelitism – What is it?

What does Adoptionism teach? Is it biblical?

What does Binitarianism teach? Is it biblical?

Pauline Christianity – What is it?

Is quietism a biblical practice? What is quietism?

Are there esoteric keys to the Bible?

Does the law of attraction work? What is 'The Secret'?

Does positive thinking have any power?

Noetic science – What is it?

The New Thought Movement – What is it?

What is the Word of Faith movement? Is it biblical?

Is spiritual mapping biblical? What is spiritual mapping?

Is the seven mountain mandate biblical? What is the 7-M mandate?

What is baptism for the dead in 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Is Jesus actually Michael the archangel?

The Demiurge – What is it?

The Pistis Sophia – What is it?

What is a biblical view of eclecticism?

What does Ietsism teach? What is a biblical view of Ietsism?

Antitheism – What is it?

Spiritual metaphysics – What is it?

Is the concept of transmigration of souls biblical?

Metempsychosis – What is it?

Mythicism – What is it?

What are Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism?