What is the land of Nod in the Bible? Where was it?

The Bible mentions the land of Nod just one time. After Cain murdered Abel (Genesis 4:8) he went away and settled in a place called Nod, east of Eden (Genesis 4:16). Besides that, no one knows where Nod is located.

Nod, in Hebrew, means "wanderer, exile, or fugitive." After Cain killed his brother, God declared, among other things, that Cain would be "a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth" (Genesis 4:12). Based on this, some scholars believe Nod was not a specific location, but anywhere Cain wandered.

Nod is described as being east of Eden, meaning Cain was further removed from Eden than were Adam and Eve. Genesis 4:16 tells us that "Cain went away from the presence of the Lord." Though God sent Cain from his home, it was Cain's choice to live apart from God's presence. Unfortunately, Cain became a godless person and the society that sprang from him and his descendants was godless (Genesis 4:16–24).

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