Evangelical theology – What is it?

Evangelical theology finds its foundation in the gospel. The word "evangelical" stems from the original Greek word meaning "gospel" or "good news" and coupled with the word "theology" describes what certain Christians believe about God.

Evangelicals are a certain flavor of Protestant Christian who place great importance on the experience of being born again to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Evangelicals view the Bible as inspired, sufficient, and the authoritative Word of God to present His plan of eternal salvation through His Son Jesus.

As to their theology, Evangelicals hold some basic beliefs, including:

1) Sola Scriptura, which is belief that the Bible is the sole authority for a Christian's life and faith (2 Timothy 3:16–17) and should generally be taken literally in its history, grammar, and context.

2) An individual's conversion and faith, meaning each person's own decision to accept Jesus Christ as God's only Son and His substitutionary death on the cross and His power over death in His resurrection (John 1:1–13; 3:3; Romans 1:16). This means that there are no collective or community salvations, and that belonging to a certain church or denomination has no bearing on an individual's salvation.

3) The importance of missionary work, or the active sharing of the gospel by believers with those who have not heard or accepted the gospel. Evangelicals want to influence those around them, and the culture they are members of, as a response to Matthew 5:13–16 and other Scriptures.

4) The central beliefs that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the focus of all Christian faith and that sins were dealt with through the cross. Evangelicals respond to this divine generosity and love with a desire to live their lives as pleasing as possible with God, including their moral and ethical decisions and their desire to share this love with others.

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