How was the earth divided in Peleg's time?

Peleg's time is tied to the tower of Babel in Genesis 10 and 11. In that account, God confuses the languages of the people who have built a tower to the heavens to "make a name" for themselves. The people were then scattered throughout the earth.

Peleg is mentioned in this account. In Genesis 10:25 (and repeated in 1 Chronicles 1:19) it is recorded that in Peleg's time the earth was divided. In Genesis 11, God scatters the people after confusing their language. Then, later in that chapter, Peleg's family is mentioned again. It is the tower of Babel, the confusing of the language, and the scattering of the people, which divides the earth.

Though most languages were developed after Babel, many of their linguistic roots can be traced back into antiquity. Language is still a dividing force.

Peleg is also mentioned in Luke 3:35, in the New Testament, in the genealogy of Jesus. Nothing stops God's designs and plans, not building a tower of Babel, not differences in languages, not division between people groups. His will was accomplished, even through Peleg, to bring the Savior to earth, Jesus.

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