What does the ankh symbol mean?

The ankh, a capital T with a loop on top (or a cross with the top arm replaced with an inverted teardrop shape) was used in Egyptian mythology to represent eternal life.

How the symbol came about is up for debate. Some archaeologists think it may be the path of the sun on the horizon, or the strap of a sandal, or the combination of simple symbols of the male and female genitals. Some have connected the symbol to popular hand mirrors in use at the time in Egypt with a similar shape. The word ankh was used to mean "life" and also "mirror." Others see the ankh symbol as a knot or bow. Some ankh shapes from earlier times show the longer bottom arm split into two.

Today, many people wear jewelry with the ankh symbol without understanding its meaning or origin. Some associate it with vampire fantasy because of its symbolism with eternal life. The Goth subculture also uses it because of its connection to vampirism and darkness. Others see it as a symbol of religious pluralism—that it shows equality among many paths to spiritual life.

The Coptic Christian Church adopted the symbol as its crux ansata, a cross with a handle.

The Bible teaches that there is only one way to connect to, or have a relationship, with God and that is through His Son Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

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