Rosicrucianism – What is it?

Rosicrucianism refers to a belief system with a secret society started by alleged Christian Rosenkruez in Germany that claims to be built upon esoteric truths of the past. Its earliest known writings come from the seventeen century. Two distinct forms of Rosicrucianism exist today: the Rosicrucianism Fellowship in Oceanside, California, and the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis in San Jose, California.

Christian Rosenkruez was allegedly a German doctor who learned secret wisdom from wise men in the Middle East in the early fifteenth century (possibly from Sufism). He returned to Germany to start the Order of the Rose Cross (the symbol of Rosicrucianism) with a temple built under his leadership called the Sanctus Spiritus.

During his lifetime, the Order was said to only include eight members (all unmarried doctors) with Christian himself remaining unmarried. The Manifestos written by the Rosicrucianism movement became popular in Europe in the seventeenth century. Many societies formed during this time and a growth of publications emerged. By the eighteenth century, two Masonic rites were added that were said to be inspired by Rosicrucianism.

The teachings of Rosicrucianism are considered "secret" and "esoteric" and therefore include an eclectic form of ideas that vary much from one publication to the next. Many include New Age ideas such as spiritism, ESP, and eastern mystical traditions.

Though its founder claimed to follow Christian teachings, the evidence reveals a blend of religious teachings communicated in a secretive nature that often contradict biblical teachings. First, the Bible is clear that there is no need to seek "secret teachings" since God's revelation is found in Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The blessed person is the one who meditates on God's words day and night (Psalm 1:1-3).

In addition, Rosicrucianism takes emphasis away from the God of the Bible and instead focuses on obtaining hidden wisdom from other sources. Instead of prayer and Scripture, the sciences and human wisdom are proposed as solutions.

Further, the principles of Rosicrucianism can be adapted or used by any religious group and are not distinctly Christian. As a spiritual movement, it lacks an answer to the key questions of God, purpose, forgiveness of sin, salvation, and the afterlife that only the God of the Bible can fulfill.

Rosicrucianism, like other secret societies, emphasizes sources other than God for wisdom and is to be rejected. God is the source of true wisdom and His teachings are no secret, available to all in the words of Scripture.

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