Is God a megalomaniac?

Megalomania is a mental disorder, and one who suffers from megalomania is a megalomaniac. Megalomaniacs have an inflated view of themselves, living in grandiose delusions about their own talents, possessions, and wealth—in spite of evidence that proves otherwise. Similarly, one who has a delusional concept of themselves will sometimes bring danger or harm to others as a result of their own delusional overconfidence in their abilities to lead, among other things. God is not delusional and He does not do evil, so therefore, He cannot be a megalomaniac.

Because a megalomaniac has grandiose delusions, they may think, for instance, that they are smarter than they are. They may be playing a game and accuse anyone who beats them of being a cheater, because they believe themselves to be incapable of losing. When megalomaniacs are in military or politics positions, for example, this disorder could manifest in them making decisions that harm others as a result of their own flawed logic and unwillingness to listen to the wisdom that others have to offer. At its core, megalomania is delusional thinking rooted in selfishness and pride.

Someone can make a bold claim about themselves that is true, and that will not mean they are a megalomaniac. Someone who holds the current world record for height could say they are the tallest person in the world, and that would be a fact rather than a delusion.

Anything that God claims about Himself is true. Even the boldest of claims about His omniscience and omnipotence are not too far-fetched when it comes to the God of the universe. There is no way to exaggerate His power, character, and ability. The prophet Jeremiah proclaimed: "Ah, Lord GOD! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you" (Jeremiah 32:17).

God is not a megalomaniac, an egomaniac, or a narcissist. He is God, and He shows us great love (John 3:16–18; Romans 5:8). He is always giving, always honest. He has only good qualities (Psalm 107:1; 119:68). None of these things are in line with megalomaniac characteristics.

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