Was Jesus a prophet?

Many people referred to Jesus during His life on earth as a prophet, including the woman caught in adultery (John 4:19) and others (Matthew 21:11; Luke 7:16).

Once, at least, Jesus compared Himself to a prophet: "And Jesus said to them, 'A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.' And he could do no mighty work there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them. And he marveled because of their unbelief …" (Mark 6:4–6).

In the Bible, prophets spoke for God when God instructed them, such as Samuel (1 Samuel 8:7), Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:4), Ezekiel (Ezekiel 3:16), and more. They represented God. Jesus also said His message was from God (John 7:16; 8:28; 17:8).

Prophets also, by the power of God, tell the future. Jesus did this, telling His disciples He would be killed and then rise from the dead on the third day (Matthew 16:21). This prophecy was fulfilled. He said He would send the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), which we see happen in Acts 2. Jesus also gave prophecies about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, His return, and other end-times events (Matthew 24).

Prophets also performed miracles. Moses did many miracles, including parting the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21–22). Elijah called fire from heaven—a great account from 1 Kings 18:26–38. And, of course, Jesus performed miracle after miracle. Read the Gospels. Here's a few references: Matthew 8:14–17; Mark 1:40–45; Luke 8:42–48; and John 6:16–21.

Many people today identify Jesus as a prophet, and He did fill the role of a prophet. But unfortunately many people confine Him to that role, such as Muslims who esteem Jesus as a great prophet but not as God or the only Savior. Jesus is so much more than a prophet. He is God (John 10:30; Philippians 2:5–11; Colossians 1:15–20). He is the Messiah (Jesus fulfilled scores of Old Testament prophesies about the Messiah). He is the propitiation for our sin (Hebrews 2:17). Jesus is a prophet and fulfilled the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18:18 (see Acts 3:22; 7:37). But He is more than just a prophet. He is the Word of God (John 1:1) and the only one who saves (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).

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