Do angels exist?

In short, yes, angels exist. The Bible confirms their existence. While our modern portrayals of angels are as relatively weak beings, demurely flying around on feathery wings, that does not fit the biblical description of angels. Rather, they are powerful and strong beings, fully equipped to carry out God's orders.

The English word "angel" comes from the Greek word aggelos (or angelos) and the Hebrew word mal'ak, both of which literally mean "messenger." When we look through the Bible, we see that angels most often function as messengers of the Lord, providing communication, guidance, and direction from the Lord. For example, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her that she would be the mother of Jesus (Luke 1:26–38).

Angels also function as guardians of people (Daniel 6:20–23) and nations (Daniel 12:1). When Adam and Eve sinned, they were banished from the garden of Eden and God put an angel known as a cherubim to guard the entrance (Genesis 3:24). While there is no biblical mention of individual people having guardian angels, that's not to say they do not exist. We just do not have biblical proof of it.

There is not an abundance of passages about angels in the Bible, but there is enough information to let us know that they are not the sweet, blonde, harp-strumming cherubs they are typically portrayed as in this modern day. Two types of angel beings, cherubim and seraphim, are described with visual detail in the Bible (Isaiah 6:2–6; Ezekiel 1:4–28). There is only one time in which an angel is described as wearing a white robe—outside Jesus' tomb (Mark 16:5). Angels can also take on human form, which happened in Genesis 19 when two angels disguised in human form came to Lot and his family in order to save them from the impending doom of Sodom (Genesis 19:1–22).

Many times, throughout the Bible, angels appear intimidating to people. Their first greeting generally goes something along the lines of, "fear not" or "do not be afraid" (Luke 1:13, 30; 2:10; Matthew 28:5). Their presence can be overwhelming and compelling, but we are not to worship them; we are to worship God alone (Revelation 19:9–10). Angels most certainly do exist; they are messengers sent by God to proclaim what He is doing and to accomplish His purposes on the earth.

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