What is Precept Ministries International?

Precept Ministries International is a ministry whose purpose is "to engage people in relationship with God through knowing His word." It was founded in 1970 in Chattanooga, TN by husband and wife team Jack and Kay Arthur. For nearly fifty years, they have aimed to "direct people to the Master Himself, who leads and guides by His Spirit, into all truth through a systematic study of His word." Because their focus is on the Bible itself, Precept Ministries International is non-denominational and many churches use their resources. Precept Ministries writes Bible studies, organizes conferences, and teaches training workshops that teach the Precept Inductive Bible Study Method. This method teaches readers to fully engage with the biblical text by observing what it says, marking key words, delving into the original language, and learning historical context. Only after fully observing the text are readers encouraged to interpret what the text may mean and finally how that text might be applied to the reader's life today.

Precept Ministries has reached 180 countries with their studies now translated into seventy different languages. They have created studies for people with differing time commitments, interests, and skill levels. Some of the studies include the in-depth Precept Upon Precept series, the shorter In&Out series, the no homework six-week 40-Minute Bible Study series, the popular topical "Lord" Series, and even one for children called Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies for Kids.

Precept Ministries International has certainly been used by God to impact people through His Word. As with any Bible study program or ministry, we encourage people to compare the teachings of Precept Ministries International to the teachings of the Bible itself. You can learn more about Precept Ministries from their website https://www.precept.org.

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