Why does God seem hidden to us today?

The Bible provides numerous accounts of God directly working in the lives of individuals, families, groups, and even nations. Why does God's presence often seem so hidden today?

A few reasons can be provided to help us understand why God may not seem as evident in today's world. We must remember that the Bible largely records the highlights of how God has operated throughout ages past. In other words, rather than recording every moment of daily life, the focus is often on the works and miracles of God in order to instruct future generations. Just as a movie features the important parts of a story, so the Bible often focuses on the highlights during which God works most prominently.

We must also recognize that the Bible covers an extended period of history. The Old Testament records from the beginning of human history to approximately 400 B.C. The New Testament books cover most of the first century A.D. Together, they record some of the most important ways God had worked in human history to that time. Certainly God has continued to make Himself evident throughout history since biblical times, yet there is less history during which God has operated than during the biblical times recorded in Scripture.

God may seem more evident in the New Testament because much of its content is focused on the time during which Jesus ministered in human form on the earth. Certainly this time period was a unique window of history during which many miracles occurred.

We now live in what is often called the Church Age and have the Holy Spirit living within every Christian. The Spirit will "guide [us] into all the truth" (John 16:13) and help us live according to God's ways. Rather than God's physical presence (as was often seen in the Old Testament) or Jesus physically walking the earth (as in the Gospels), believers have God's Spirit living within them to guide, direct, instruct, and comfort (John 16:8).

Some would argue God does make Himself more evident today. Christianity is the largest religion in the world and the Bible is the most translated and best-selling book in history. Christianity has expanded exponentially in many parts of the world over the last century. Despite intense persecution in many parts of the globe, the Christian faith thrives even in often-hostile environments. Today's missionaries testify of amazing acts of God taking place that offer ample evidence of God's working power today.

In summary, while there may be a variety of reasons why God may seem to have been more evident during biblical times, God continues to work powerfully in today's world. This is clear by the Holy Spirit's work in the life of each Christian, the growth of the Christian church, and records of God's power operating in amazing ways as the gospel message expands to the ends of the earth.

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