Who was Eutychus in the Bible?

Eutychus was a young man in Troas known for falling out of a window while the Apostle Paul was preaching there. His story is found in Acts 20:7–12.

Paul was on his way back to Jerusalem at the end of his third missionary journey, so he planned to stay in Troas only a little while. After one week, on his final evening in the city, he taught late into the night, trying to make the most of the time before leaving the next morning. The house where he was preaching in the upper room was crowded, so this young man, Eutychus, sat in a windowsill. As daylight faded, oil lamps were lit. As Sunday became Monday, Paul continued to preach and Eutychus sank into a deep sleep. Eutychus then plummeted from the third story to his death on the ground below. Paul stopped his teaching, went down to the dead boy, bent over the young man's body, and God raised him from the dead. Paul then brought the boy upstairs, shared a meal with the believers, and conversed until daybreak before continuing on his way to Jerusalem.

Eutychus was a great comfort to the church in Troas because the miracle of his raised life was proof that God was real and that Paul's teaching was true. There were many people present during that miracle so they could corroborate the story and vouch for the veracity of Paul's witness. Every time a person in Troas saw Eutychus walking around, their faith likely was strengthened. What a blessing this boy's health and wellness must have been to the believers in Troas after Paul's departure, and again after hearing of Paul's later imprisonment and eventual death. This city had tangible proof of the Lord's power and love and strong reason to cling to the faith Paul had proclaimed.

Eutychus's name means fortunate, and the believers in Troas certainly were fortunate to have witnessed this miracle assuring them of the truth of the gospel.

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