What does the Bible say about Christians getting insurance?

The idea of insurance is to put a modest, set amount away every month in return for a bulk payment in the future when it is needed. There are several different types of insurance. Life insurance is used to give heirs an inheritance or as money for funeral expenses upon the death of the insured. Health insurance covers medical expenses. Car insurance covers car repair and medical expenses should the owner be in an accident. Professional liability insurance covers legal expenses if the insured is accused of or found responsible for damages due to error or carelessness.

In the United States, some types of insurance are required by law, and therefore required for Christians when applicable. Homeowner's insurance is mandatory if the home was bought with a mortgage. Auto liability is required for those who drive. Sometimes malpractice insurance is also compulsory. Some form of medical insurance is also required in the United States.

Other types of insurance are not required. Life insurance, mortgage insurance, and long-term care insurance may be wise, but they are not always necessary.

Should a Christian have insurance? If the law requires it, yes. Although spiritually we are free in Christ to act as we see fit in many things, a law that requires insurance is not a threat to the spread of the Gospel or the obedience of God's law; therefore it is not grounds for civil disobedience.

As for other types of insurance, it is a matter of personal discretion. Someone who never leaves his home state should not need kidnap and ransom insurance, but he might need property insurance if he rents his house. Most people do not need satellite insurance, which covers a relaunch if a satellite is destroyed. Nor do you need aviation insurance if you don't fly.

From a spiritual standpoint, the Bible is neutral about insurance. The Bible does not promise Christians that God will provide all the money they need for medical treatments or mortgage payments. God does promise to care for us, but not always in the way we expect or would prefer (Matthew 6:31-33). Insurance can be seen as a way to save money for when it's most needed, which is good stewardship (Genesis 41). It is also good to have the ability to care for others if they are injured due to our negligence and to provide for our families when we die (1 Timothy 5:8). Whether this is necessary and, if so, whether insurance is the best way to do this, is a matter between individuals and God (James 1:5).

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