What are the beliefs and goals of BioLogos?

"Science and faith in harmony" is the slogan of the BioLogos organization, which promotes the idea that God instigated evolution. They dismiss a six-day literalist interpretation of creation.

Positive views of BioLogos include its desire to find points of intersection and conversation between Christians and non-believers who put their faith in science to explain our circumstances and environment.

Critics of BioLogos say the organization exerts itself too far to explain God's work using science. Its focus is too much on natural understanding rather than the supernatural.

For example, there is no plausible scientific explanation for the story in Joshua 10:1–15 in which God stopped the sun for Joshua's army to win the battle. Non-believers would say this action is impossible in that the earth would have to stop its rotation and all life would cease. Believers say that with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and trust that God supernaturally sustained life during that time.

BioLogos does indeed believe in miracles, including orthodox theology of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the atonement, the resurrection of Christ, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

We know that science can explain much, and continues to discover understandings and explanations of our physical, natural world. BioLogos does well to point out where science is fallible, constantly "correcting" previous finds, conclusions, and discoveries with new information.

God inhabits the supernatural and created the natural. Humans continue to discover and understand His handiwork, but will not be able to always prove the supernatural.

BioLogos, in our view, does a service to Christians and non-believers in finding bridges to conversation. Their theological viewpoint lines up with most orthodox Christian theology. We disagree with their views on evolution and God's role in creation.

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